I see you

I see you

Kapstadt, Mai 2014

I see you.

I see what you’re going through!

I see your tears, I feel your pain.

I am the one – who will remain.

And if everything seems gone

And you are trying to hold on

If nothing seems to stand

I’m reaching out my hand

I’m still who I am


Instead of asking for answers

Keep seeking me

Instead of waiting for solutions

Keep waiting for me

I am here, I hold your hand

I see every tear, I understand

I hold you in my arms, my child

You’re allowed to cry – it is alright

You are allowed to ask and to not understand

But keep on trusting and knowing: I AM WHO I AM


I am sovereign, I am faithful

I am almighty – to give and to take

Because I am the great I am

I love you, my child and I am here

I hold you and I will dry every tear

Just trust me and seek me

And someday you will see – ME

The great I AM!

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